In the late 19th Century southern Italians, facing insecurity and daily struggle, emigrated. Some, especially from Campania, arrived in Bristol, England including Giovanni of the medieval Cocozza clan.

“Fontana Cocozza”, a cattle, sheep and forestry estate of 1,750 acres, was appropriated in the 1870s, post Risorgimento, to pay taxes to the new republic. Some of the Cocozza clan were also olive and wine grape growers.

Giovanni Cocozza, with fellow southerners Martelette, Minchella, Sandrone, Capaldi and Panetta, all hardworking and enterprising, raised families in Bristol’s “Little Italy”.

Giovanni’s grandson, Mark, also a migrant, landed in Australia from Bristol to start a new life, always aware of his English and Italian folklore heritage.

The mythical Green Man presents as the natural symbol for the Cocozza family wine label.

Cocozza Vino

  Mark Lewis, Grandson
  Paul Lewis, Great-grandson
  Mark’s wife, Helen (a wannabe Italian!)