Creating Green Man wine from estate grown Italian varietals is a debt of honour to our maternal Cocozza family heritage.

The vineyard

The vineyard is located in foothills on the northern side of the Great Dividing Range, on Mt. Samaria, Central Victoria. It sits in a wide North/South valley benefitting from almost constant soft breezes. On a gentle slope, from 270 metres to 350 metres, the vines are planted in stony, gravelly, clay loam soil. The vineyard is secluded, surrounded on three sides by state park and private forest.

Plantings and Varieties

Italian varietals were first planted in 2004 in a continuing severe drought necessitating hand watering during their establishment years. The current 10 acres of mostly grafted, dry grown vines, both white and red varieties, include Vermentino, Malvasia, Sangiovese, Negro Amaro and Aglianico. The harvest is limited to produce, by 2015, 1,500 cases.

The 2010 vintage is the first Green Man wine to market.

All wines are hand crafted with minimal intervention to develop Italian style.